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District Nurses

Our District Nurses are based in Huntingdon, if you wish to contact them please call the surgery on 01480 413600 and speak with a receptionist.


District Nursing Services


  • District nursing care is usually reserved for individuals who are housebound – that is they are only able to leave home by ambulance – or there should be some other reason why home visits are appropriate
  • All patients referred for continence promotion will be given a full assessment. Continence is the goal, with continence products used as a last resort or short-term option.
  • Any member of the team may visit patients – this may include staff members from around the areas and bank staff.
  • All packages of care will include health promotion, supporting the services overall aim of encouraging greater independence and well being.


What District Nurses Do


  • Complex assessment of health needs
  • Wound assessment care
  •  Acute and Chronic Disease Management
  • Health promotion
  • Palliative and terminal care
  • Promotion of self care whenever possible
  • Administration of treatment using specialised nursing equipment and medication